Ten Minutes a Day Keeps the Fat at Bay

Less than 25 percent of adults exercise on a regular basis, thus, children – and adults – are spending more time performing sedentary tasks, such as surfing the Internet, playing video games, and watching television. This lack of exercise increases insulin resistance, hormone dysfunction, and inevitable weight gain. So, what can we do to keep fit and how do we fit exercise into our busy schedules?

Exercise Timing

One of the questions I am asked most often is: “Should I work out in the morning or the evening?” To enhance fat burning, the best time to work out is in the morning. Once you do 10 minutes of this fun program and eat protein for breakfast, you will rev up your fat-burning furnace by 25 to 40 percent and it will last for 12 or more hours throughout the day. Also, often after a hard day at home or the office, we don’t feel like exercising and we don’t want to rev up our metabolism a few hours before we go to sleep.

So, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier, have fun with this exercise regimen and you will be rewarded with a tighter, stronger body. Consistency is the key. Get out of bed, put on a T-shirt and shorts, get your water bottle and towel, and get started. Exercise, then hit the shower, and eat breakfast. Start Day 1 on Monday so that Day 6 and Day 7 will be Saturday and Sunday, which are usually the days we do more outdoor or family-oriented aerobic activities.

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