Motivation for Running

Your legs and lungs may burn, but running can be just as taxing on your brain. From deciding to lace up to battling through every mile, “the method of running is psychological,” says Jeff Brown, Psy.D., an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School. “Mentally coping with tough spots in running is crucial.” Here are a few ways to help you fight through these mental hurdles:

Visualize Success.
Athletes who pictured themselves focused and in control developed the strength of mind necessary to succeed, as outlined by research conducted recently. Before your run (and if your energy begins to wane partway through), imagine yourself running strong around the block or over the finish line.
Find Your Mantra.
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A Popular Myth About Running Injuries

Almost everyone who runs (or has shopped for running shoes) has heard that how your foot pronates, or rolls inward, as you land affects your injury risk. Pronate too much or too little, conventional wisdom tells us, and you’ll wind up hurt. But a provocative new study shows that this deeply entrenched belief is probably wrong and that there is still a great deal we don’t understand about pronation and why the foot rolls as it does.

For the new study, published online this month in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark and other institutions began by advertising in Danish newspapers and at gyms to find men and women who didn’t run but were game to try.

Written by Gretchen Reynolds

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